Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Baptism Album


1. First, cover the front and back covers with the larger of the pages. They will be 6x6. Make sure that when you adhere one side, that you punch the holes before you glue on the other page so that you will know where the holes are. Next, glue the letters "BAPTISM" onto the (BLUE OR PINK) 3x5 piece. Also add a circle (BROWN OR ORANGE) and and the "BOOK" sticker.

2. Inside cover- glue on a 3 1/2x5 matte, and take a strip of patterned paper and cut it into 2 pieces no specific size, just by choice)

3. Take the inside pages and glue 2 of the pages together by gluing 3 sides of the pages leaving the outside open to slip in the extra matte pieces. With the 4 extra matte pieces, you will need to cut strips of paper and fold them and staple them on as tabs so that they may be pulled out of the sleeves.

4. Page 1 - glue the pieces accordingly but make sure that before you glue on the poem, that you punch 2 holes at the bottom corner and tie the metal key on using the jute.
5. Page 2 -3 glue pieces according to the picture. Make sure that the strip on the 3 1/2x5 piece on page 2 is only glues on the sides so that you may add a picture later.
6. Page 4 - 5 glue on backgrounds. Then cut out "ALL ABOUT ME" pages @ 5x5. Try and make sure that the words are centered when you cut them. Adhere them to the backgrounds.

The middle piece between these pages is a plastic sheet that you will have to line up according to where you want it and punch holes. You will then adhere the picture mattes and the strips of paper on both sides.

7. Pages 6 - 7 Glue on backgrounds. On page 6, glue the letters"GUESTS" onto the circles (PINK OR BLUE) Take the lined sheets cut at 5 x 5 and stapled at the top, and glue JUST the top part of the last page. Then glue on the circles. On page 7, glue on the picture mattes according to the picture.
8. page 8 - 9 Glue on background of page 8 the adhere the coloring page to it. On page 9 (or the envelope) glue on strip then glue on the "feelings" quote. You will also need to line this up according to where you want it and punch the holes.

9. Back cover - Take the stapled pocket (BLUE OR ORANGE) provided in your kit and glue it onto the back cover. Glue on the strip of paper, the circle and the letters. then stick on the "HOLY GHOST" sticker. You will need to write "OF THE" by hand. Cut the scripture pieces out and stick them inside the pocket
After all your pages are done, connect everything in order and secure them with your rings. Then tie the ribbons on and you are done. You may also want to personalize it more so have fun and be creative.